Stone Works - Stone and Sand
 1.  Trap Rock (3/8", ¾") -        Bins 6, 9; Crushed blue stone, used for drainage and utility purposes, good under sheds, for retaining walls and parking spaces.

 2.  Stone Dust -        
Bin 7; Pulverized blue stone, used for leveling up to 1" or for pathways 3"+. 

 3.  Process ¾" -
Bin 8; Stone dust mixed with trap rock ¾", compacting aggregate, used for leveling 1"+, improved drainage over stone dust.

 4.  Vermont Marble (
3/8", ¾", 1¼") - Bins 1, 11, 12; Bright white decorative stone, goes with most house paint       colours, comes in 3 sizes.   

 5.  Northern Yellow -      Bin 10; Natural round yellow decorative stone, easy on feet and pet paws, can be       used for walkways or to cover flowerbeds.   

 6.  Amish Red (3/8", ¾") -     Bins 13, 15; Crushed red slate, decorative stone used for many applications.  

 7.  Blue Blend -       Bin 14; Mixture of white and blue decorative stone, used mostly for flowerbeds or       to cover surfaces.

 8.  Purple Crush -      Bin 16; Crushed decorative purple stone, used for a variety of purposes.   

 9.  River Jacks 3" -               Bin 17; Large 3" yellow decorative stones, good for drainage on sloping hills, used      near ponds or water features.

10. Western Lake (¾", 1¼") - Bins 18, 19; Decorative river stone, easy on feet and pet paws, used for walkways      and decorative purposes.

11. Autumn Blend -     Bin 21; Soft red-ish decorative stone, often called "lava rock", lightweight, easy to      work with, colourful and unique. 

12. CT Red Round Peastone (¾") - Bin 2; Natural decorative red stone quarried in Connecticut, easy to walk on              and good for pathways or decoration.

13. Skyline (¾", 1¼") -     Bins 4,5; Inexpensive decorative stone from a local quarry, mixture of grey, brown,      and other coloured stones.

14. Peastone -     Bin 20; Same stone as Western Lake but smaller size, easy on feet, can be used as      playground surface or for walkways.

15. Washed Mason Sand, Concrete Sand - Bins 3, 22; Washed Mason sand is used as a paver leveler or to put     under pools. Concrete Sand is used as a paver lever or to mix concrete.
      NOTE:Neither sand should be used as playground sand.  

16. Triple Screened Topsoil - Bin A; Triple screened clean fill soil.

17. Premium Loam -    Bin B; Compost mixed with topsoil, better for growing grass or gardens, has a good    "earthy" feel and smell. 

18. Triple Screened Compost - Bin C; Decomposed organic matter, has nutrients for plants.

Stone Works 
Route 5, 266 Main Street
East Windsor, CT 06088